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Master and Servant
pig rabbit
Master and Servant
Title: Master and Servant
Author: {info} Seneferia
Pairing: HanChul

Rating: Definitely NC-17

Summary: AU Hangeng decides to visit an S&M club for a little domination session. Thank you to [info]wickedlove13 For proofreading.

Dominations the name of the Game

In Bed or In Life

They’re Both Just the Same

Han Geng entered the double black gothic doors, cursing himself for his stupid curiosity. Way too much surfing of the Internet had led him down a cursed path of unnatural fetishes.

There was a woman standing in the entryway dressed in black leather from head to toe. She had a riding crop in her hand and Han Geng was suddenly very nervous.

“Welcome. I’m Head Madam Menolly. There are different levels of entertainment that can be enjoyed here, depending on what you desire. I take it from your bashful face that it is your first time here so I will go over the rules with you. For one there is absolutely no sex, if you want that you can go to a brothel, we offer a higher level of service here. Our dominatrixes are not submissive, if you want to be the dominant one, the price is heady and you will be monitored very closely. We cater to both sexes and both orientations. Safety is our priority. Here our employees are trained well. We offer pain but we don’t sacrifice our humanity. There is a safe word that you will discuss with the person of your choosing, when you say that word the play will end. I will now bring you into the selection room. There you can choose the one you want, what service you want and for how long.”

They enter the room if he didn’t know any better he would have thought it was a dance room. There was mirrors everywhere and hardwood flooring. He could see each person very clearly male and female. He looked at each female carefully. There was one with red hair wearing a black corset and a red and black mini kilt that showed off her beautiful legs and caught his eye immediately.

“I would like the girl with the red and black skirt please” Han Geng says very softly to the Madam. She sort of laughs at Han Geng and gestures for the woman to come forward. The girl grabs Han Geng’s arm and led them to another room. This was getting weirder and weirder for him since the room looked like a simple office with a computer a desk and chairs. The girl motions for him to sit down and she proceeds to sit at the computer.

“So what are you into? I do not do any submissive stuff. I’m clearly the dominant role. I also have some rules you can touch me but not aggressively. You’re the one being dominated, not me, so you can’t grab me. As you already know from Head Madame, there is no sex. There will be no intimacy; I don’t do that with clients. Here is a list of what we do pick what you want and I’ll give you the price. Then we will set up the safe words, I’ll get the room monitor and then we can go to whatever room you want depending on what your into.”

“Can we start with what I’m supposed to call you?” Han Geng is sweating this is getting farther than he ever thought he’d get. He should be running out the door by now.

“My name is Mistress Heechul and that is the only way you will address me. Understood?” Han Geng nods. “Okay moving on what would you like?”

Han Geng looks down at the list but he can barely read the list of activities they could do, he was so nervous. He was also very caught up in Mistress Heechul’s name. He doesn’t know much Korean but isn’t that a boys name?

“This is my first time doing this. I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t bolted through the door by now. I have no idea what I want.” Han Geng looks briefly at Heechul, who looks gorgeous with that smirk on her face. He knew he wasn’t running out the door any time soon as long as he has her to look at.

“Okay well let’s start with what you don’t want to do. That way we can figure out what we can actually do.”

After much haggling on both parts, Han Geng signs the contract and gave his credit card to Mistress Heechul.

He is then lead to another room where Mistress Heechul ties him to what appears to be a Metal cross. His breath starts to become shallow ‘Why on earth had he decided to do this. It was okay to watch the occasional porno but this was becoming a bit much.’ Mistress Heechul takes off his shirt and Han Geng could have sworn there was a smirk on her face. She proceeds to put a collar around his neck; he had opted for this instead of the ball gag.

It’s a lot Like Life
And That’s What’s Appealing
If You Despise that Throw Away Feeling
From Disposable Fun
Then this is the One

Mistress Heechul strips him of his pants next, now he was cold and a little ashamed of his choice in underwear. What was proper attire for going to an S&M club anyway? Mistress Heechul disappears behind him and he can hear her heels clicking farther and farther away. He suddenly is scared that he was going to be left like this. Just then there was a brush of something that felt like strips of leather against his back. He felt hot breath on the back of his neck.

“Remember the safe word is Beijing Fried Rice and if you want less pressure its Wicked Love.” Han Geng nodded. Then there was a whistling sound and a sharp pain across his back.

He really tries very hard not to scream but he can’t help it. This was a lot more intense than any Porn he had been watching this was reality and the reality was going to be his bruised body in the morning. There was another high-pitched squeal of the flogger across his back and although it hurt like hell he was starting to get turned on a little. He felt the flogger being caressed a long his back and this seems to hurt worse, it was stinging more elongated pain than the simple whistling of the leather strips against him. The Mistress walked around him to the front still caressing him with the flogger. Suddenly there was another whistling this time across his chest against his nipples. This was definitely worth it. This felt so much better that it sent shock waves right down to his groin.

“Is the little slut getting turned on? Are you that sick that you enjoy getting dominated?” She used her flogger to raise his face eye level to hers.

“Yes Mistress you turn me on. Please dominate me.”

Mistress Heechul smirks and cracks the flogger again across his nipples. This burning sensation was actually giving him so much pleasure he thought he was going to burst. She cracked the flogger thrice in quick succession eliciting moans from his mouth. ‘What was the matter with him shouldn’t he feel embarrassed that he was rock hard from someone simply whipping him. This was just not normal behavior. This was deviant and he was sure to go to hell for this.’

She grazes her lips against his, ghosting her soft pink lips before pulling away and cracking the flogger against his flat stomach. She was so dangerously close to hitting his appendage that is definitely saluting her. Every slap of the leather strips went cascading across his delicate skin, every part of his abdomen receiving the assault. She caresses his arms with her feather light touches and grabs his wrists digging her nails deep into his skin. Her smile is wicked and he takes pleasure in every second of it. She releases his hands from the restraints hooking a leash to his collar.

There’s a New Game

We Like to Play You See

A Game with Added Reality

You Treat Me like a Dog

Get Me Down on My Knees.

“Kneel before your Mistress” Hangeng kneels quickly as possible but he must have been to slow because she whips the flogger against his butt before he can fully get himself down all the way. She pulls on the leash indicating for him to walk. He walks like a dog on the floor looking down only glancing up when he is sure she is not looking at him. She walks him over to another apparatus with long wires and restraints his arms again this time he is kept on the floor on his knees. She walks away from him again and he can hear her fumbling with something. He gulps in anticipation of what is going to be next.

He can feel her behind him, he doesn’t dare turn his head, and he just cowardly waits for whats next. He doesn’t wait long before there is a very severe stinging sensation across his ass. The flogger was nothing compared to this pain. Every time she rounds the whip on his ass there is a deafening crack in the air before searing pain. This was getting more intense and he was thinking he should yell something to make it stop but another part of his brain was telling him to keep going. ‘The pleasure was out weighing the pain he would get used to it after all wouldn’t he?’

She moves away from him again and circles in front of him. He can now see what was making all that pain it was just simple leather whip not strips just one long solid strand. She cracks the whip down on the floor and he flinches a little. Her devious smile was making him go crazy. This was so definitely worth the painful amount of money he had to shell out. She walks behind him and he feels a tug in his stomach not being able to look upon her. He hears the deafening sound again before his back is assaulted over and over again. The pain is dull now his skin so numb he can only register the tingling burning sensation. He was moaning now the feeling of complete helplessness fueling his desire. He gives in to the freedom of not being the one in control. This was what he had wanted so desperately when he was watching all those dirty videos.

When she halts her onslaught he is able to breathe calmly for a few seconds before she is standing in front of him. He was in awe of her power as she watched her bring the whip up above her shoulders and brought it down upon his back. This was a better view for him he can watch her dominate him and look upon the sheer beauty of a person in total control of his pleasure. Her long legs were graceful, her hips sensual as she almost danced with fluid movements to bring him such tingling pain. She mesmerizes him and the time seemed to travel so much faster.

He is slumped over at this point his whole body was tingling from the onslaught of pain and pleasure. Mistress Heechul moves closer to him and he looks up not expecting the view under her skirt. Hangeng gasps and is feeling a little sick.

“WICKED LOVE WICKED LOVE WICKED LOVE” He screams. Mistress Heechul steps back.

“What’s the matter I didn’t even do anything?” She gets out of character for a second concerned.

“YOU’RE A GUY!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GIRL!!!” Hangeng is having a hard time not vomiting.

“Oh fuck. All this time you thought I was a woman?” Heechul drops the whip and lowers himself to be eye level with Hangeng.

“Well yea, I’m straight. Can you untie me now? I think I’m going to be sick.” Hangeng is turning green slowly but surely.

Heechul releases the restraints and helps the man up from the floor. He was weak on his knees whether it was from the shock or kneeling for a long period of time he didn’t know. He grabs Hangeng’s clothes and walks him to his private area where there was a bathroom letting the man have some time alone he closes the door behind him and sits down waiting.

Hangeng is hunched over the toilet; he is not vomiting but he still feels sick. He is trying desperately to calm himself and figure out what made him think the dominatrix was actually female. He looks like a female that was for sure and dresses like one. He is very beautiful too after all that was why he picked him in the first place. After ten minutes of fierce contemplation he dresses himself very slowly his body seems to be bruised all over as well as his ego. He reaches for the doorknob several times each time pulling back not wanting to see the person on the other side of the door. He wants to wake up from this situation not thrust himself further into the nightmare. He inhales sharply puffing up his shoulders and finally grasps the doorknob firmly and swings the door open. He walks a few feet before noticing Mistress or should he say Mister Heechul sitting in a chair looking quite dejected himself. He has smartly put some pants on and even though he was looking more like a man now he was still very beautiful.

“Are you all right? “ Heechul says standing up as Hangeng approaches him. He offers him a seat or some tea gesturing to the table.

“I think so it was a big shock seeing Uhm…. that. I’m seriously straight and you just looked so much like a girl.” Hangeng says sitting across from him before standing up abruptly. Sitting was not going to be an option for a while.

Heechul hands him a bag and tells him what inside and to use the contents daily to help with the healing. Hangeng decides it’s best if he leaves right away to deal with his bruised ego. Heechul walks him to the ill-fated gothic doors.

“I guess you won’t be back here again.” Heechul says in sort of a laughing tone. He really did feel bad about the situation.

Hangeng looks at the man as reserved as he can be but still there is something about this man that tugs at him.

“I’m not so sure about that”

A/N: The lyrics in Italics are from Depeche Mode's Master and Servant.

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nice fic, with an interesting plot... Hwaiting! :)

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