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Come Hell or High Water
pig rabbit
Come Hell or High Water
Pairing: Hanchul
Author: [info]seneferia
Rating: PG-13 Some sexual content
Preview: Heechul is missing Han Geng. Heechul decides to do something about it.

This is my second fic and the fluff is definetly harder to write then angst. I rewrote the ending several times and I don't think I sill like it, but I wanted to finish so hopefully its ok. I am sorry if its just complete idiocy. Feel free to be completely honest with comments.

He looked over at the empty bed in his room. The bed was made; everything in place, if he was here it would never look like that. The sheets didn’t even smell like him anymore. Heechul couldn’t take it anymore he missed him way too much. To hell with his schedules he was going to see the man he loved and he was leaving now. He walked out of his room determined, they he remembered he should probably take some things with him. He turned back to his room and grabbed a suitcase and started piling things in as quickly as possible. Yes everything would be wrinkled when he got there but he didn’t care he was going to get there as fast as he could.

When he finally had things packed and his coat on, he stormed out of the dorm and got to the airport as fast as possible. He tried to find the first flight out to China but the only thing the guy at the checkout counter could get him was a flight that left in two hours. He cursed himself for having to wait in a dreary airport instead of getting closer to his goal. After going through checks he found a quiet spot to sit down and become invisible. His phone kept ringing he would occasionally look at it to see who was calling. Manager, Siwon, Manager, Leeteuk, after his phone kept going off every time he ignored the previous call he decided to just turn the thing off completely. He stared out of the window towards the endless abyss of airplanes coming in and taking off.

Finally the time had come to board the plane, he jumped up quick as he could as nearly knocked out the ticketing agent forcing his ticket in her hand. It was silly since he was only rushing to sit in another seat for hours. He found his seat smiling he could be that much closer to seeing Geng. He was so wound up with thoughts of how he would greet him, how it would feel to finally be in his arms again. With all his imagining he drifted into blissful dreams

When he finally got to China he quickly found a taxi as fast as possible and paid the driver extra to get there faster. He was practically bouncing out of his seat as the streets zoomed by. When he arrived in front of Han Geng’s house he held his breath. He was suddenly nervous his stomach was in knots. What this Chinaman did to his emotions unnerved him a little. He paid the driver and exited the vehicle hesitantly walking up to the house. He knocked on the door and waited getting anxious as the seconds ticked by. When the door opened it was Hangeng’s mother.

“Hi Momma Han how are you?”

“Heechul what are you doing here? You didn’t do anything stupid did you? Shouldn’t you have a schedule or something? If you left the group I’m going to hurt you.”

“No nothing like that I just missed your son and wanted to come for a visit. No big deal.” Heechul tried to act as cool as possible inside he was burning to know if Geng was home.

“ Heechul I am a mother I am not stupid. I don’t know why you boys think you have to hide it from me. I know the two of you are together. Do you think I’m oblivious or something. He’s been pinning for you ever since he’s been home. He’s up in his room the door is probably locked as it usually is these days. If you’re going to break the door down at least don’t ruin it. I’m going to go out for a while I don’t want to be here for whatever you plan on doing. ” Hangeng’s mother grabbed her coat and walked out the front door. Talking low to herself “At least my son picked a pretty one I can take solace in him not being the feminine one”

Heechul just stared after her. He thought they were so careful not to be obvious in front of her. He watched her walk down the road not exactly knowing what to do. If the door were truly locked would he actually break the door down. Would Han Geng not want to see him? Nah that would never happen. He walked up the stairs. The door was locked but lucky for him it was one that you needed a pin to open. He rummaged through his bag and was happy to find a pin and made quick work of the door.

Han Geng was asleep in his bed, covers carelessly thrown against his body. He looked so peaceful none of the worry in his face. Heechul smiled at his gorgeous China Man. He undressed enough to make himself comfortable and crawled into bed. He debated if he should wake him up or just sleep himself. He opted to just watch him for a while. He traced circles across his cheeks, rubbed his hair by his temples. Even in sleep Han Geng moved into the touch nuzzling closer to him. It was like he had never left they fit perfectly.

After awhile Han Geng’s eyes slowly opened, he looked up at Heechul and promptly fell out of the bed. Surprise clearly on his face.

“What are you doing here? Please tell me you didn’t pull anything stupid?”

“Geez is that what everyone assumes of me. No I didn’t do anything stupid. It was just getting lonely in my room. I couldn’t take it any muff…”

Han Geng didn’t let him finish the sentence as he jumped back in bed kissing his Cinderella. He didn’t leave any place on his face untouched he was so happy to see Heechul.

“Yuck seriously you need to brush your teeth your mouth reeks” Heechul pushed Han Geng away.

“I haven’t seen you in so long and that’s what you tell me that my breath stinks?” Han Geng says sitting back on his feet.

“Well you have really rancid morning breath. I might die from the fumes. Seriously go brush your teeth.” Heechul pushes him off the bed. Han Geng looks back once hoping maybe Heechul was joking but he was still waving him out the door. As soon as the door closes Heechul smiled he was so absolutely happy to see Han Geng. He smelled the blankets that his beloved slept in. He decided to check his own breath for freshness. Realizing he probably needed a mint or something he scampered to his bag popping several in his mouth. When he heard movement outside the door he ran back to the bed swallowing the evidence, coughing a little at the strong taste.

Hang Geng stood in the doorway in just his boxers and Heechul thought it was the most stunning spectacle he had ever seen. He looked him up and down and smirked. “Get your ass over here and kiss me properly now.” Han Geng was more than happy to oblige. After each others lips were aptly swollen and bruised they pulled apart.

“You know your mom thinks I’m the bottom. She seems to think you’re the manly one.” Heechul laughed, then got louder when he noticed the shocked expression on Geng’s face. “Yea she knows about us apparently says we are obvious, also she said you were pinning away for me apparently. How cute did you miss me?”

“Yea I miss you but your totally skimming over the most important detail. My mother knows about us?”

“Yes she knows. She left the house even so we could be doing something right now as loud and rough as we want without anyone barging in.” Heechul shifted his eyebrows suggestively in a way even Siwon would be proud of.

“Wait hold up a minute, why did you laugh that my mother thinks I’m the manly one. I am the manly one.”

“Aish, you really are focusing on this aren’t you. You want to think you’re the manly one ok whatever. It doesn’t even matter we are alone that’s the most important thing.” Heechul captured Geng’s lips before he could protest even more he was getting restless with the waiting. He didn’t travel this far to have a conversation on who was bottom or top. Just when he thought he had convinced Han Geng that there was much more pressing matters he could hear an annoying vibrating sound. Geng pulled away from him and scrambled to get his phone.

“Oh my, its Kibum. Wonder what he wants?” Geng pressed the button on his phone and said hello.

“Yes he’s here with me. He’s fine; yes I’m fine too. Uhm I don’t know when he’s going to come back. (Nervous laughter) No I won’t keep him forever. Ok thank you. “ Geng hung up the phone and jumped on top of Heechul kissing him.

“Well what the hell did he want?” Heechul said pushing away.

“He wanted to know if you were here because the members are going crazy cause you turned off you phone. You really have a reputation for doing some dramatic things you know. He asked if you were ok and how I was. He said he figured you were here with me and that the members should take a chill pill, that we were probably doing all sorts of nasty things. He also hoped we were being safe and have enough condoms.”

The two laughed hysterically.