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Question of Time
pig rabbit
Title: Question of Time

Pairing: Leeteuk speaking about Henry some ninja pairings

Rating: R for adult themes.

Summary: Leeteuk needs to watch over the newest member of Super Junior. Inner Monologue.

Leeteuk POV

The child was so darn talented it really is a crime to put him with a bunch of perverted older men. He was so young when he entered our group. He would come on stage playing his violin and everyone would have that look in their eyes. At least when Kyuhyun joined he wasn’t so oblivious. He could handle himself against his Hyungs. Evil Magnae indeed taking over someone who specialized in Martial Arts for so many years, he wasn’t anything to worry about when he joined the group. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to pluck someone from Canada and bring him all the way here. After all he does not understand the language and it gives leave way for the members so say such crude things in his ears without him being none the wiser.

I don’t blame them for wanting you sometimes the innocence can be so attractive. Looking at those sweet mochi cheeks though. I start to feel sorry for you. Even Ryeowook can’t resist and he used to be just like him it makes me sick. Someone should really look after him before he falls prey to their twisted ness. After all he’s so trusting why shouldn’t he be we are his hyungs after all ‘We would never harm him’. Pssh he doesn’t know what awaits him.

It would be to easy for them to persuade him. Their perversions can be so enticing especially to someone so young minded. I can see the little caresses they give you all in the name of “fan service”. Yea right if the fans only knew that it wasn’t only serving them. The only thing the fans do not get right is most of the pairings no one knows that answer seeing as they all change their minds from week to week.

It's sad that they would go after him they have no self control like they aren’t sated enough with all that goes on in the dorms. If they spent nights up with the young boy when he was homesick or depressed from Only 13 chants I don’t think they would try and corrupt so easily. They should have some heart when it comes to the innocence of the young.

I should take you under my care another burden among my other 12 children. I would be the best hope for you to come out unscathed. Your leader Han Geng after all is way to corrupt from Heechul. Even Siwon cannot control that Devil from influencing him. I have Kangin I would have no need for a young impressionable boy… although maybe it would be nice to top once in a while…. NO must not think of the poor boy like that. He may be able to dance like a beast in heat but that doesn’t mean he should be looked at as such.

I can see the wheels turning in those boys minds, I’ve been witness to all the debauchery after all I can tell what exactly they would like to do to him. He doesn’t need to be subject to the Super Junior perversion. If I take care of him no one will touch him, no one will go against Umma. I could keep him innocent for as along as possible. I would do a better job then I did with Ryeowook. I thought he was safe with Yesung after all he may be weird but I didn’t think he was so depraved.

Little time spent with the other members and he will be doing whatever they want him too. They mess with anyone just to entice them and have their way with them. It’s a question of time before they lay their hands on him. He would benefit from time spent with me I’d be able to help him with his personality and make him stronger minded. Convince him to not be so fragile and speak up against the other members. He needs protection and I’m willing to sacrifice the time to see him come out unscathed.

“Henry come here and talk to your Hyung for a little while. We need to discuss some things”

A/N: Based on the song Question of Time By Depeche Mode if you don't know it here's a link www.youtube.com/watch
This is second story in a series I'm doing based on 80's songs.

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i stumbled upon this by accident. and i just love this. very jungsoo-ish. <333 and lmao at him trying to not take henry to the dark side. :D

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