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pig rabbit
Title: Lent

Author: Seneferia

Pairing: SiHanChul

Rating: R some smut

Summary: Siwon coming back from Ash Wednesday mass must decide what to give up for Lenten Season.

Siwon walks into the Super Junior Dorm with Ashes in the shape of a cross on his forehead. He is dressed in his Sunday best even though it is a Wednesday. He walks into the living room finding his two favorite hyungs sitting on the sofa quietly watching tv. He makes himself comfortable in between the two and sighs.

Heechul and HanGeng turn toward the sighing boy and notice the black stuff on his forehead they look at each other and then look back at Siwon.

“I’ve decided what I’m going to give up for Lent.” Siwon says looking straight at the TV and not the pair.

“What pray tell would that be? You don’t do anything evil like smoke, drink, you’re an angel what do you need to give up?” Heechul asks sarcasm dripping from each word spilt.

“I’m going to give up you two. If I have any chance of getting into heaven and want to spend the rest of my life in eternal bliss with the Lord, I have to give up you two. Otherwise my soul will be condemned to hell for all of eternity.”

“We never force you to do anything Siwon you are a willing participant in all our actions never once have we tied you up and forced ourselves on you.” Hangeng says moving closer to Siwon to lay a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Well there was that one crazy night that we did tie him up and make him watch us go at it.” Heechul says moving closer as well to the two men and stroking Siwon’s other shoulder.

“I can’t do this anymore I don’t want to go to hell. I must give you two up at least for Lent. I must give up the temptation and begin my path towards good. I’m going to move back in with my parents so I’m not even living in the same room so you two can have all your fun.” Siwon says removing Heechul’s hand from his shoulder. Trying desperately to calm the negative thoughts going through his head that would just lead him down a more destructive path.

Heechul and Hangeng share a glance behind the younger mans head; both of them smirk at each other. They move even closer to Siwon practically putting themselves into his lap from each side. They quickly look at each other and nod before licking Siwon’s ear playfully.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to give up for Lent? Are you sure you can handle not tempting yourself.”

Heechul’s breath is hot on Siwon’s ear sending jolts straight down to his male anatomy. HanGeng is lightly kissing his other ear and Siwon can’t figure out who is more of a tempter out of the two. The devil twins that they are seem to be able to communicate without even speaking because they both move to his neck and he can feel himself getting more and more aroused by the second. The two move in uniform patterns both of their hand stroking his chest playing with his nipples through his shirt. As there hands sleep farther and farther down his front he can feel himself straying from the right path. Their hand are just making their way into the top of his pants before his grabs both of them and stops them.

“I told you I can’t do this anymore. I must not give into temptation and repent for my previous sins.” Siwon gets up from the two and stands there looking at them.

“Well I for one don’t think I’m sinning but enjoying the basic need of every man.” Heechul says before grabbing Hangeng into a deep erotic kiss. Looking devilishly at Siwon before closing his eyes and enjoying that China man’s glorious lips and tongue. Siwon just stands there in a trance watching the two fondle each other in front of him. Heechul slowly pulls away from HanGeng.

“Well seeing as I can’t tempt you Siwon, are you up for a little fun HanGeng just the two of us?” HanGeng merely nods like a little kid and desperately tries to pull Heechul back into a kiss. Heechul puts his finger on Hangeng’s lips and stops him. “Not here someone other than Siwon might see us let’s go to our room. “ Heechul grabs Hangeng’s hand and they walk down to their room.

Siwon stands there still in that spot watching the couch as if the two were still there. He tries desperately to calm himself down when he can hear very loud moaning coming from his room. He can hear the thrashing about of the two and the tell tale signs of them acting on their desires. He contemplates for a moment what he should do before looking skyward.

“Bless me Father for I am a sinner. I’ve been lead into temptation and cannot be delivered from hell. For Heechul and HanGeng are my heaven and hell in ecstasy for all eternity.”

Siwon’s walks his defeated self down to his room lamenting the fact he only made it ten minutes with his Lenten promise.

A/N: today was Ash Wednesday and I know Siwon is a Christian not sure which sect though. This idea totally came to me while running so excuse me if its total fail I seem to get crazy fic ideas while working out. Hope you liked it Please comment.