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pig rabbit
Title: Invidious
Author: Seneferia
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13 violence
Summary: Heechul is very jealous and decides to go berserk.

If that boy touches him one more time I’m going to scream. This is ridiculous why is he sitting with him anyway he should be next to me, not Ryewook who keeps rambling on about some sort of food that I really could care less about.

Now the two of them are laughing what the hell is that about. Since when did they get all buddy buddy. Stupid SJM putting them together they go off for months together and I’m stuck here without him. Oh my does Ryeowook ever shut up, seriously who cares about food when those two are all touchy.


Heechul screams. Before he can get up though Ryeowook grabs him.

“Hyung are you ok? What’s the matter?”

“I’m gonna kill that bible thumping ass for touching my man that’s whats the matter.” Heechul gets up and punches Siwon square in the face. Kangin grabs him before he can land another punch and Han Geng grabs Siwon to see if he is ok. Siwon’s nose is bleeding and is shocked that the princess actually hit him.

“What was that for?” Siwon asks holding his nose.

“You know damn well what that is for. Since when are the two of you all over each other? I’m sick of it, he’s mine not yours and you touch him again I’m going to do worse.”

In a flash Hangeng is by Heechul there is a loud crack everyone mouth is agape. Heechul is slinked over Kangin arm holding his face. Hangeng has the look of madness his eyes turning blacker by the second.

“I am not anyone’s I am my own FUCKING PERSON KIM HEECHUL AND DON’T YOU GO AROUND PUNCHING PEOPLE IF YOU CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING HIT YOURSELF.” Hangeng turns around and grabs Siwon and leaves the room.

“Hyung are you ok?” Kangin turns Heechul to face him a prominent red handprint can be seen along his perfect porcelain skin. Heechul begins to burst into tears.

“No I’m ….. (sob) Not okay (Sob) He hit me he actually hit me. I just (sob) couldn’t take it (sob) his hands were all over (sobbing more) him.”

“Hyung they are just friends they spend a lot of time together. Its no reason to act like this I thought you loved Siwon like a brother, why would you punch him like that. You know he didn’t mean anything by touching Hangeng like that we all know he’s straight and narrow” Kangin rubbed Heechul’s back trying to get the older man to calm down. He could hear him speaking something but with the sobs it was like he was speaking another language.

Siwon walks in five minutes later seeing Kangin bent over Heechul who is still sobbing and babbling. He kneels beside them and Kangin grabs Heechul protectively expecting Siwon to return the punch finally.

“Hyung I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so jealous. I don’t want Hangeng like that we are just friends. I won’t ever touch him again Hyung I promise please stop crying and go talk to him.” Heechul grabs onto Siwon sobbing still but repeating that he was sorry he didn’t actually mean to have an outburst like that. “Hyung its ok I understand please just go talk to Hangeng I don’t want you two fighting. Come on I’ll take you to him.”

Siwon helps Heechul up and they walk out the door together. They walk down the corridor to the bathrooms only one stall is closed to which Hangeng must be hiding inside.


“Geng, please he’s really sorry if I’m not mad at him you shouldn’t be mad at him. Your not the one with the bloody nose after all.”

Hangeng comes out of the stall looking rather pissed still. He looks at Heechul who is slumped against Siwon still sobbing. Siwon encourages Heechul to look up and Hangeng can see the imprint of his hand across Heechul’s face he didn’t think he had hit him so hard. He just wanted to make a point apparently he made it all to well. His heart broke that he was able to do something like that to the man he loved even if the said man was being a complete jealous idiot. He grabs Heechul from Siwon and holds him tightly. He can barely understand what Heechul is saying but he is sure it’s an apology or maybe he was just reading too much into his sobs.

“I’m sorry for hitting you but seriously you’re too much of a jealous bitch. You’re the only one who can touch my heart and you should know this by now. You don’t need to get all defensive if one of the members touch me.”

“But the fans…. They love…. Sihan”

“What have I told you about reading fan sites and fan fiction seriously you read too much into them. Stick to the Heekyung and Hanchul sites cause that’s all its ever going to be.”