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Question of Time
pig rabbit
Title: Question of Time

Pairing: Leeteuk speaking about Henry some ninja pairings

Rating: R for adult themes.

Summary: Leeteuk needs to watch over the newest member of Super Junior. Inner Monologue.

Leeteuk POV

The child was so darn talented it really is a crime to put him with a bunch of perverted older men. He was so young when he entered our group. He would come on stage playing his violin and everyone would have that look in their eyes. At least when Kyuhyun joined he wasn’t so oblivious. He could handle himself against his Hyungs. Evil Magnae indeed taking over someone who specialized in Martial Arts for so many years, he wasn’t anything to worry about when he joined the group. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to pluck someone from Canada and bring him all the way here. After all he does not understand the language and it gives leave way for the members so say such crude things in his ears without him being none the wiser.

I don’t blame them for wanting you sometimes the innocence can be so attractive. Looking at those sweet mochi cheeks though. I start to feel sorry for you. Even Ryeowook can’t resist and he used to be just like him it makes me sick. Someone should really look after him before he falls prey to their twisted ness. After all he’s so trusting why shouldn’t he be we are his hyungs after all ‘We would never harm him’. Pssh he doesn’t know what awaits him.

It would be to easy for them to persuade him. Their perversions can be so enticing especially to someone so young minded. I can see the little caresses they give you all in the name of “fan service”. Yea right if the fans only knew that it wasn’t only serving them. The only thing the fans do not get right is most of the pairings no one knows that answer seeing as they all change their minds from week to week.

It's sad that they would go after him they have no self control like they aren’t sated enough with all that goes on in the dorms. If they spent nights up with the young boy when he was homesick or depressed from Only 13 chants I don’t think they would try and corrupt so easily. They should have some heart when it comes to the innocence of the young.

I should take you under my care another burden among my other 12 children. I would be the best hope for you to come out unscathed. Your leader Han Geng after all is way to corrupt from Heechul. Even Siwon cannot control that Devil from influencing him. I have Kangin I would have no need for a young impressionable boy… although maybe it would be nice to top once in a while…. NO must not think of the poor boy like that. He may be able to dance like a beast in heat but that doesn’t mean he should be looked at as such.

I can see the wheels turning in those boys minds, I’ve been witness to all the debauchery after all I can tell what exactly they would like to do to him. He doesn’t need to be subject to the Super Junior perversion. If I take care of him no one will touch him, no one will go against Umma. I could keep him innocent for as along as possible. I would do a better job then I did with Ryeowook. I thought he was safe with Yesung after all he may be weird but I didn’t think he was so depraved.

Little time spent with the other members and he will be doing whatever they want him too. They mess with anyone just to entice them and have their way with them. It’s a question of time before they lay their hands on him. He would benefit from time spent with me I’d be able to help him with his personality and make him stronger minded. Convince him to not be so fragile and speak up against the other members. He needs protection and I’m willing to sacrifice the time to see him come out unscathed.

“Henry come here and talk to your Hyung for a little while. We need to discuss some things”

A/N: Based on the song Question of Time By Depeche Mode if you don't know it here's a link www.youtube.com/watch
This is second story in a series I'm doing based on 80's songs.

Master and Servant
pig rabbit
Master and Servant
Title: Master and Servant
Author: {info} Seneferia
Pairing: HanChul

Rating: Definitely NC-17

Summary: AU Hangeng decides to visit an S&M club for a little domination session. Thank you to [info]wickedlove13 For proofreading.

Dominations the name of the Game

In Bed or In Life

They’re Both Just the Same

Han Geng entered the double black gothic doors, cursing himself for his stupid curiosity. Way too much surfing of the Internet had led him down a cursed path of unnatural fetishes.

There was a woman standing in the entryway dressed in black leather from head to toe. She had a riding crop in her hand and Han Geng was suddenly very nervous.

“Welcome. I’m Head Madam Menolly. There are different levels of entertainment that can be enjoyed here, depending on what you desire. I take it from your bashful face that it is your first time here so I will go over the rules with you. For one there is absolutely no sex, if you want that you can go to a brothel, we offer a higher level of service here. Our dominatrixes are not submissive, if you want to be the dominant one, the price is heady and you will be monitored very closely. We cater to both sexes and both orientations. Safety is our priority. Here our employees are trained well. We offer pain but we don’t sacrifice our humanity. There is a safe word that you will discuss with the person of your choosing, when you say that word the play will end. I will now bring you into the selection room. There you can choose the one you want, what service you want and for how long.”

They enter the room if he didn’t know any better he would have thought it was a dance room. There was mirrors everywhere and hardwood flooring. He could see each person very clearly male and female. He looked at each female carefully. There was one with red hair wearing a black corset and a red and black mini kilt that showed off her beautiful legs and caught his eye immediately.

“I would like the girl with the red and black skirt please” Han Geng says very softly to the Madam. She sort of laughs at Han Geng and gestures for the woman to come forward. The girl grabs Han Geng’s arm and led them to another room. This was getting weirder and weirder for him since the room looked like a simple office with a computer a desk and chairs. The girl motions for him to sit down and she proceeds to sit at the computer.

“So what are you into? I do not do any submissive stuff. I’m clearly the dominant role. I also have some rules you can touch me but not aggressively. You’re the one being dominated, not me, so you can’t grab me. As you already know from Head Madame, there is no sex. There will be no intimacy; I don’t do that with clients. Here is a list of what we do pick what you want and I’ll give you the price. Then we will set up the safe words, I’ll get the room monitor and then we can go to whatever room you want depending on what your into.”

“Can we start with what I’m supposed to call you?” Han Geng is sweating this is getting farther than he ever thought he’d get. He should be running out the door by now.

“My name is Mistress Heechul and that is the only way you will address me. Understood?” Han Geng nods. “Okay moving on what would you like?”

Han Geng looks down at the list but he can barely read the list of activities they could do, he was so nervous. He was also very caught up in Mistress Heechul’s name. He doesn’t know much Korean but isn’t that a boys name?

“This is my first time doing this. I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t bolted through the door by now. I have no idea what I want.” Han Geng looks briefly at Heechul, who looks gorgeous with that smirk on her face. He knew he wasn’t running out the door any time soon as long as he has her to look at.

“Okay well let’s start with what you don’t want to do. That way we can figure out what we can actually do.”

After much haggling on both parts, Han Geng signs the contract and gave his credit card to Mistress Heechul.

He is then lead to another room where Mistress Heechul ties him to what appears to be a Metal cross. His breath starts to become shallow ‘Why on earth had he decided to do this. It was okay to watch the occasional porno but this was becoming a bit much.’ Mistress Heechul takes off his shirt and Han Geng could have sworn there was a smirk on her face. She proceeds to put a collar around his neck; he had opted for this instead of the ball gag.

It’s a lot Like Life
And That’s What’s Appealing
If You Despise that Throw Away Feeling
From Disposable Fun
Then this is the One

Mistress Heechul strips him of his pants next, now he was cold and a little ashamed of his choice in underwear. What was proper attire for going to an S&M club anyway? Mistress Heechul disappears behind him and he can hear her heels clicking farther and farther away. He suddenly is scared that he was going to be left like this. Just then there was a brush of something that felt like strips of leather against his back. He felt hot breath on the back of his neck.

“Remember the safe word is Beijing Fried Rice and if you want less pressure its Wicked Love.” Han Geng nodded. Then there was a whistling sound and a sharp pain across his back.

He really tries very hard not to scream but he can’t help it. This was a lot more intense than any Porn he had been watching this was reality and the reality was going to be his bruised body in the morning. There was another high-pitched squeal of the flogger across his back and although it hurt like hell he was starting to get turned on a little. He felt the flogger being caressed a long his back and this seems to hurt worse, it was stinging more elongated pain than the simple whistling of the leather strips against him. The Mistress walked around him to the front still caressing him with the flogger. Suddenly there was another whistling this time across his chest against his nipples. This was definitely worth it. This felt so much better that it sent shock waves right down to his groin.

“Is the little slut getting turned on? Are you that sick that you enjoy getting dominated?” She used her flogger to raise his face eye level to hers.

“Yes Mistress you turn me on. Please dominate me.”

Mistress Heechul smirks and cracks the flogger again across his nipples. This burning sensation was actually giving him so much pleasure he thought he was going to burst. She cracked the flogger thrice in quick succession eliciting moans from his mouth. ‘What was the matter with him shouldn’t he feel embarrassed that he was rock hard from someone simply whipping him. This was just not normal behavior. This was deviant and he was sure to go to hell for this.’

She grazes her lips against his, ghosting her soft pink lips before pulling away and cracking the flogger against his flat stomach. She was so dangerously close to hitting his appendage that is definitely saluting her. Every slap of the leather strips went cascading across his delicate skin, every part of his abdomen receiving the assault. She caresses his arms with her feather light touches and grabs his wrists digging her nails deep into his skin. Her smile is wicked and he takes pleasure in every second of it. She releases his hands from the restraints hooking a leash to his collar.

There’s a New Game

We Like to Play You See

A Game with Added Reality

You Treat Me like a Dog

Get Me Down on My Knees.

“Kneel before your Mistress” Hangeng kneels quickly as possible but he must have been to slow because she whips the flogger against his butt before he can fully get himself down all the way. She pulls on the leash indicating for him to walk. He walks like a dog on the floor looking down only glancing up when he is sure she is not looking at him. She walks him over to another apparatus with long wires and restraints his arms again this time he is kept on the floor on his knees. She walks away from him again and he can hear her fumbling with something. He gulps in anticipation of what is going to be next.

He can feel her behind him, he doesn’t dare turn his head, and he just cowardly waits for whats next. He doesn’t wait long before there is a very severe stinging sensation across his ass. The flogger was nothing compared to this pain. Every time she rounds the whip on his ass there is a deafening crack in the air before searing pain. This was getting more intense and he was thinking he should yell something to make it stop but another part of his brain was telling him to keep going. ‘The pleasure was out weighing the pain he would get used to it after all wouldn’t he?’

She moves away from him again and circles in front of him. He can now see what was making all that pain it was just simple leather whip not strips just one long solid strand. She cracks the whip down on the floor and he flinches a little. Her devious smile was making him go crazy. This was so definitely worth the painful amount of money he had to shell out. She walks behind him and he feels a tug in his stomach not being able to look upon her. He hears the deafening sound again before his back is assaulted over and over again. The pain is dull now his skin so numb he can only register the tingling burning sensation. He was moaning now the feeling of complete helplessness fueling his desire. He gives in to the freedom of not being the one in control. This was what he had wanted so desperately when he was watching all those dirty videos.

When she halts her onslaught he is able to breathe calmly for a few seconds before she is standing in front of him. He was in awe of her power as she watched her bring the whip up above her shoulders and brought it down upon his back. This was a better view for him he can watch her dominate him and look upon the sheer beauty of a person in total control of his pleasure. Her long legs were graceful, her hips sensual as she almost danced with fluid movements to bring him such tingling pain. She mesmerizes him and the time seemed to travel so much faster.

He is slumped over at this point his whole body was tingling from the onslaught of pain and pleasure. Mistress Heechul moves closer to him and he looks up not expecting the view under her skirt. Hangeng gasps and is feeling a little sick.

“WICKED LOVE WICKED LOVE WICKED LOVE” He screams. Mistress Heechul steps back.

“What’s the matter I didn’t even do anything?” She gets out of character for a second concerned.

“YOU’RE A GUY!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GIRL!!!” Hangeng is having a hard time not vomiting.

“Oh fuck. All this time you thought I was a woman?” Heechul drops the whip and lowers himself to be eye level with Hangeng.

“Well yea, I’m straight. Can you untie me now? I think I’m going to be sick.” Hangeng is turning green slowly but surely.

Heechul releases the restraints and helps the man up from the floor. He was weak on his knees whether it was from the shock or kneeling for a long period of time he didn’t know. He grabs Hangeng’s clothes and walks him to his private area where there was a bathroom letting the man have some time alone he closes the door behind him and sits down waiting.

Hangeng is hunched over the toilet; he is not vomiting but he still feels sick. He is trying desperately to calm himself and figure out what made him think the dominatrix was actually female. He looks like a female that was for sure and dresses like one. He is very beautiful too after all that was why he picked him in the first place. After ten minutes of fierce contemplation he dresses himself very slowly his body seems to be bruised all over as well as his ego. He reaches for the doorknob several times each time pulling back not wanting to see the person on the other side of the door. He wants to wake up from this situation not thrust himself further into the nightmare. He inhales sharply puffing up his shoulders and finally grasps the doorknob firmly and swings the door open. He walks a few feet before noticing Mistress or should he say Mister Heechul sitting in a chair looking quite dejected himself. He has smartly put some pants on and even though he was looking more like a man now he was still very beautiful.

“Are you all right? “ Heechul says standing up as Hangeng approaches him. He offers him a seat or some tea gesturing to the table.

“I think so it was a big shock seeing Uhm…. that. I’m seriously straight and you just looked so much like a girl.” Hangeng says sitting across from him before standing up abruptly. Sitting was not going to be an option for a while.

Heechul hands him a bag and tells him what inside and to use the contents daily to help with the healing. Hangeng decides it’s best if he leaves right away to deal with his bruised ego. Heechul walks him to the ill-fated gothic doors.

“I guess you won’t be back here again.” Heechul says in sort of a laughing tone. He really did feel bad about the situation.

Hangeng looks at the man as reserved as he can be but still there is something about this man that tugs at him.

“I’m not so sure about that”

A/N: The lyrics in Italics are from Depeche Mode's Master and Servant.

Come Hell or High Water
pig rabbit
Come Hell or High Water
Pairing: Hanchul
Author: [info]seneferia
Rating: PG-13 Some sexual content
Preview: Heechul is missing Han Geng. Heechul decides to do something about it.

This is my second fic and the fluff is definetly harder to write then angst. I rewrote the ending several times and I don't think I sill like it, but I wanted to finish so hopefully its ok. I am sorry if its just complete idiocy. Feel free to be completely honest with comments.

He looked over at the empty bed in his room. The bed was made; everything in place, if he was here it would never look like that. The sheets didn’t even smell like him anymore. Heechul couldn’t take it anymore he missed him way too much. To hell with his schedules he was going to see the man he loved and he was leaving now. He walked out of his room determined, they he remembered he should probably take some things with him. He turned back to his room and grabbed a suitcase and started piling things in as quickly as possible. Yes everything would be wrinkled when he got there but he didn’t care he was going to get there as fast as he could.

When he finally had things packed and his coat on, he stormed out of the dorm and got to the airport as fast as possible. He tried to find the first flight out to China but the only thing the guy at the checkout counter could get him was a flight that left in two hours. He cursed himself for having to wait in a dreary airport instead of getting closer to his goal. After going through checks he found a quiet spot to sit down and become invisible. His phone kept ringing he would occasionally look at it to see who was calling. Manager, Siwon, Manager, Leeteuk, after his phone kept going off every time he ignored the previous call he decided to just turn the thing off completely. He stared out of the window towards the endless abyss of airplanes coming in and taking off.

Finally the time had come to board the plane, he jumped up quick as he could as nearly knocked out the ticketing agent forcing his ticket in her hand. It was silly since he was only rushing to sit in another seat for hours. He found his seat smiling he could be that much closer to seeing Geng. He was so wound up with thoughts of how he would greet him, how it would feel to finally be in his arms again. With all his imagining he drifted into blissful dreams

When he finally got to China he quickly found a taxi as fast as possible and paid the driver extra to get there faster. He was practically bouncing out of his seat as the streets zoomed by. When he arrived in front of Han Geng’s house he held his breath. He was suddenly nervous his stomach was in knots. What this Chinaman did to his emotions unnerved him a little. He paid the driver and exited the vehicle hesitantly walking up to the house. He knocked on the door and waited getting anxious as the seconds ticked by. When the door opened it was Hangeng’s mother.

“Hi Momma Han how are you?”

“Heechul what are you doing here? You didn’t do anything stupid did you? Shouldn’t you have a schedule or something? If you left the group I’m going to hurt you.”

“No nothing like that I just missed your son and wanted to come for a visit. No big deal.” Heechul tried to act as cool as possible inside he was burning to know if Geng was home.

“ Heechul I am a mother I am not stupid. I don’t know why you boys think you have to hide it from me. I know the two of you are together. Do you think I’m oblivious or something. He’s been pinning for you ever since he’s been home. He’s up in his room the door is probably locked as it usually is these days. If you’re going to break the door down at least don’t ruin it. I’m going to go out for a while I don’t want to be here for whatever you plan on doing. ” Hangeng’s mother grabbed her coat and walked out the front door. Talking low to herself “At least my son picked a pretty one I can take solace in him not being the feminine one”

Heechul just stared after her. He thought they were so careful not to be obvious in front of her. He watched her walk down the road not exactly knowing what to do. If the door were truly locked would he actually break the door down. Would Han Geng not want to see him? Nah that would never happen. He walked up the stairs. The door was locked but lucky for him it was one that you needed a pin to open. He rummaged through his bag and was happy to find a pin and made quick work of the door.

Han Geng was asleep in his bed, covers carelessly thrown against his body. He looked so peaceful none of the worry in his face. Heechul smiled at his gorgeous China Man. He undressed enough to make himself comfortable and crawled into bed. He debated if he should wake him up or just sleep himself. He opted to just watch him for a while. He traced circles across his cheeks, rubbed his hair by his temples. Even in sleep Han Geng moved into the touch nuzzling closer to him. It was like he had never left they fit perfectly.

After awhile Han Geng’s eyes slowly opened, he looked up at Heechul and promptly fell out of the bed. Surprise clearly on his face.

“What are you doing here? Please tell me you didn’t pull anything stupid?”

“Geez is that what everyone assumes of me. No I didn’t do anything stupid. It was just getting lonely in my room. I couldn’t take it any muff…”

Han Geng didn’t let him finish the sentence as he jumped back in bed kissing his Cinderella. He didn’t leave any place on his face untouched he was so happy to see Heechul.

“Yuck seriously you need to brush your teeth your mouth reeks” Heechul pushed Han Geng away.

“I haven’t seen you in so long and that’s what you tell me that my breath stinks?” Han Geng says sitting back on his feet.

“Well you have really rancid morning breath. I might die from the fumes. Seriously go brush your teeth.” Heechul pushes him off the bed. Han Geng looks back once hoping maybe Heechul was joking but he was still waving him out the door. As soon as the door closes Heechul smiled he was so absolutely happy to see Han Geng. He smelled the blankets that his beloved slept in. He decided to check his own breath for freshness. Realizing he probably needed a mint or something he scampered to his bag popping several in his mouth. When he heard movement outside the door he ran back to the bed swallowing the evidence, coughing a little at the strong taste.

Hang Geng stood in the doorway in just his boxers and Heechul thought it was the most stunning spectacle he had ever seen. He looked him up and down and smirked. “Get your ass over here and kiss me properly now.” Han Geng was more than happy to oblige. After each others lips were aptly swollen and bruised they pulled apart.

“You know your mom thinks I’m the bottom. She seems to think you’re the manly one.” Heechul laughed, then got louder when he noticed the shocked expression on Geng’s face. “Yea she knows about us apparently says we are obvious, also she said you were pinning away for me apparently. How cute did you miss me?”

“Yea I miss you but your totally skimming over the most important detail. My mother knows about us?”

“Yes she knows. She left the house even so we could be doing something right now as loud and rough as we want without anyone barging in.” Heechul shifted his eyebrows suggestively in a way even Siwon would be proud of.

“Wait hold up a minute, why did you laugh that my mother thinks I’m the manly one. I am the manly one.”

“Aish, you really are focusing on this aren’t you. You want to think you’re the manly one ok whatever. It doesn’t even matter we are alone that’s the most important thing.” Heechul captured Geng’s lips before he could protest even more he was getting restless with the waiting. He didn’t travel this far to have a conversation on who was bottom or top. Just when he thought he had convinced Han Geng that there was much more pressing matters he could hear an annoying vibrating sound. Geng pulled away from him and scrambled to get his phone.

“Oh my, its Kibum. Wonder what he wants?” Geng pressed the button on his phone and said hello.

“Yes he’s here with me. He’s fine; yes I’m fine too. Uhm I don’t know when he’s going to come back. (Nervous laughter) No I won’t keep him forever. Ok thank you. “ Geng hung up the phone and jumped on top of Heechul kissing him.

“Well what the hell did he want?” Heechul said pushing away.

“He wanted to know if you were here because the members are going crazy cause you turned off you phone. You really have a reputation for doing some dramatic things you know. He asked if you were ok and how I was. He said he figured you were here with me and that the members should take a chill pill, that we were probably doing all sorts of nasty things. He also hoped we were being safe and have enough condoms.”

The two laughed hysterically.

pig rabbit
Title: Lent

Author: Seneferia

Pairing: SiHanChul

Rating: R some smut

Summary: Siwon coming back from Ash Wednesday mass must decide what to give up for Lenten Season.

Siwon walks into the Super Junior Dorm with Ashes in the shape of a cross on his forehead. He is dressed in his Sunday best even though it is a Wednesday. He walks into the living room finding his two favorite hyungs sitting on the sofa quietly watching tv. He makes himself comfortable in between the two and sighs.

Heechul and HanGeng turn toward the sighing boy and notice the black stuff on his forehead they look at each other and then look back at Siwon.

“I’ve decided what I’m going to give up for Lent.” Siwon says looking straight at the TV and not the pair.

“What pray tell would that be? You don’t do anything evil like smoke, drink, you’re an angel what do you need to give up?” Heechul asks sarcasm dripping from each word spilt.

“I’m going to give up you two. If I have any chance of getting into heaven and want to spend the rest of my life in eternal bliss with the Lord, I have to give up you two. Otherwise my soul will be condemned to hell for all of eternity.”

“We never force you to do anything Siwon you are a willing participant in all our actions never once have we tied you up and forced ourselves on you.” Hangeng says moving closer to Siwon to lay a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Well there was that one crazy night that we did tie him up and make him watch us go at it.” Heechul says moving closer as well to the two men and stroking Siwon’s other shoulder.

“I can’t do this anymore I don’t want to go to hell. I must give you two up at least for Lent. I must give up the temptation and begin my path towards good. I’m going to move back in with my parents so I’m not even living in the same room so you two can have all your fun.” Siwon says removing Heechul’s hand from his shoulder. Trying desperately to calm the negative thoughts going through his head that would just lead him down a more destructive path.

Heechul and Hangeng share a glance behind the younger mans head; both of them smirk at each other. They move even closer to Siwon practically putting themselves into his lap from each side. They quickly look at each other and nod before licking Siwon’s ear playfully.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to give up for Lent? Are you sure you can handle not tempting yourself.”

Heechul’s breath is hot on Siwon’s ear sending jolts straight down to his male anatomy. HanGeng is lightly kissing his other ear and Siwon can’t figure out who is more of a tempter out of the two. The devil twins that they are seem to be able to communicate without even speaking because they both move to his neck and he can feel himself getting more and more aroused by the second. The two move in uniform patterns both of their hand stroking his chest playing with his nipples through his shirt. As there hands sleep farther and farther down his front he can feel himself straying from the right path. Their hand are just making their way into the top of his pants before his grabs both of them and stops them.

“I told you I can’t do this anymore. I must not give into temptation and repent for my previous sins.” Siwon gets up from the two and stands there looking at them.

“Well I for one don’t think I’m sinning but enjoying the basic need of every man.” Heechul says before grabbing Hangeng into a deep erotic kiss. Looking devilishly at Siwon before closing his eyes and enjoying that China man’s glorious lips and tongue. Siwon just stands there in a trance watching the two fondle each other in front of him. Heechul slowly pulls away from HanGeng.

“Well seeing as I can’t tempt you Siwon, are you up for a little fun HanGeng just the two of us?” HanGeng merely nods like a little kid and desperately tries to pull Heechul back into a kiss. Heechul puts his finger on Hangeng’s lips and stops him. “Not here someone other than Siwon might see us let’s go to our room. “ Heechul grabs Hangeng’s hand and they walk down to their room.

Siwon stands there still in that spot watching the couch as if the two were still there. He tries desperately to calm himself down when he can hear very loud moaning coming from his room. He can hear the thrashing about of the two and the tell tale signs of them acting on their desires. He contemplates for a moment what he should do before looking skyward.

“Bless me Father for I am a sinner. I’ve been lead into temptation and cannot be delivered from hell. For Heechul and HanGeng are my heaven and hell in ecstasy for all eternity.”

Siwon’s walks his defeated self down to his room lamenting the fact he only made it ten minutes with his Lenten promise.

A/N: today was Ash Wednesday and I know Siwon is a Christian not sure which sect though. This idea totally came to me while running so excuse me if its total fail I seem to get crazy fic ideas while working out. Hope you liked it Please comment.

pig rabbit
Title: TEN
Author: Seneferia
Pairing: Hanchul of course with another character
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Super Juniors ten year reunion and two people haven't seen each other in a long time

Many steps had been taken to arrive to this point. He was not going to back out now. He was going to knock on that hotel door and see his face and deal with the rage he knew was bound to come.


The door opened and he remembered he should probably breathe before he passed out.

He saw the face he had only seen in pictures, videos and TV shows for the past five years. You tube had decided that he was the only person he wanted to see so his homepage was filled with clips from all the years of him performing.

“Wow didn’t expect you’d actually show up for this. How did you know what room was mine anyway.”

“I asked ZhouMi we have still kept in touch through the years.”

“Well how nice you kept in touch with someone in the group could have answered the countless emails, messages and shit I sent you. I guess you want to come in then tell me how wonderful your life has been since you left us high and dry.” Heechul slid the door open and let Hangeng pass him before closing the door rather loudly.

Heechul still had his temper apparently. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to just show up at his hotel door after five years of not speaking. ZhouMi had begged him to come though for the reunion, he insisted it was important that he show up for their ten-year anniversary. After all wouldn’t it be silly that everyone was going to be there and he wasn’t going to show up. He just wanted to see Heechul before actually appearing for the program he didn’t want an explosion in front of people but a private one.

“ I did what needed to be done Heechul and as for not answering any of your messages I was just too scared at the time. I couldn’t face all the hurt I had caused the group especially the hurt I caused you and when you stopped writing I had figured you had finally moved on with your life and where happy.”

“Well come out on the patio I’d rather have this discussion in private if you don’t mind.” Heechul escorted Hangeng to the patio overlooking Seoul. It really was a beautiful city he had missed it all these years but was too chicken to back out of his convictions. They sat down on the plastic furniture and Heechul poured glasses of soju for the both of them. Heechul handed a glass to Hangeng.

“I don’t drink anymore Heechul, it puts too much stress on my system to handle it.”

Heechul looked up from the glass there was a slight look of concern but with a blink the cold stare was back. He turned himself into the calm cool collected persona he always carried on stage.

“Are you going to be on the program tomorrow?”

“Yes it was going to be a surprise the broadcaster had worked with ZhouMi to get me to come here. It took ZhouMi a lot of time and effort to convince me to come to the point of begging. I wanted to see you first though I didn’t want it to be shock.”

“I’m not the same person anymore Hangeng I can handle change and shock you sought to that when you left. I’ve had to deal with things on my own for the past five years.“ Heechul tipped the glass to his lips and drank the liquid quickly putting the glass down and pouring himself another.

“I didn’t do it to hurt you, you know. The last thing I wanted to do was leave you but I couldn’t keep going on like I did. I would have died Heechul I was not well and I needed to get out of the situation. It could have been very different if they had worked a better solution for me but they refused.”

“I would have left with you, you know I was so naïve then to think that you actually loved me.”

“I love you Heechul I always did. I couldn’t have you leave the group though. I know how much they all meant to you and that it would kill you to leave them and then you would resent me for the rest of your life. I didn’t want that hanging on my shoulders while I was trying to get myself well. I wanted you to be happy doing what you loved and not resenting the man who made you leave it all behind.”

“ I wouldn’t have resented you I loved you damnit. You were more important to me than the group I could have dealt with it, as long as I had you I would have been fine.” Heechul had gotten up and stood at the railing looking out at the scenery. He was not going to shed another tear for this man who had walked out on him five years ago.

“You would have resented me, you love the stage. You’re a performer and you needed that rush every night I couldn’t take that away from you. I loved you too much to have you destroy your career like that if it was going to go sour with SM I wasn’t going to bring you down with me. I needed to leave for my health that was the only reason I left. It wasn’t for money or to go solo it was to get well again. I didn’t do anything after I left, I still live with my parents after all these years.” Hangeng stood up and walked over to Heechul he stood behind the man just watching him inhale and exhale sharply to keep himself from showing any emotion. Heechul had never changed he could still read him like it was five years ago.

“You destroyed me by leaving I couldn’t love again like that. I was so broken after you left I think I went mad Leeteuk was ready to commit me I think.” Heechul laughed a little and turned to look at Hangeng. He didn’t look so weak anymore but his eyes were still as dead as they were when he walked out of the dorms all those years ago. Heechul walked up to Hangeng and embraced him he couldn’t help it he wanted the man near even after all this time. His heart still pulled him right to where it always belonged. Hangeng put his arms around him and Heechul let one tear leave his eyes before he looked up at Hangeng and brushed his lips against his. He still tasted so sweet and his lips were still as soft as ever, he had longed for this so many hours at night, when he was alone in his room.

All too quickly the kiss had ended and Heechul noticed a person standing behind Hangeng, now he really felt like total shit. He pulled away from Hangeng quickly and walked over to his wife. She only smiled at him, she had known for quite some time that his heart really only truly belonged to one person but he held her in a different part and he was a good husband.

“Geng, I’d like to introduce my wife Michelle. Michelle this is an old friend Hangeng.” He put his hand along her back and guided her to the man standing there with surprise clearly written all over his face. She was beautiful she looked very young compared to Heechul. She couldn’t be more than in her early 20’s.

“Its nice to finally meet you. I came out to see if you two wanted anything to eat or anything to drink other than Soju. If not I think I’m going to go over to Donghae’s room and see his wife and the baby.” The men both shook their heads no. She walked through the glass doors and she could be heard leaving the hotel room altogether quietly not slamming not raging as would be expected. Hangeng was very surprised by this behavior, shouldn’t she have been upset?

“I met her on a trip to the states, she’s a writer, she’s way younger than me but she gets me. We spread our time between here and the states. She’s good friends with Donghae’s wife. Nothing really shocks her if you were wondering she knows who you are. I’m actually surprised she was so calm about it too but she never ceases to amaze me I guess that’s why I married her.” Heechul although for all his nonchalance’s looked toward the doors he obviously cared for the woman greatly.

“I thought you said you could never love again?” Hangeng asked and regretted it the second the sentence fell from his lips. He knew it was a very spiteful thing to say but he had waited all these years for some hope with Heechul that maybe he would show up at his doorstep. It was stupid to think this way since he didn’t answer any of his messages but he thought once Super Junior died down maybe he would look for him. Hell he still lived in the same house he did when he was in Super Junior. His mother kept telling him everyday to get married already she was tired of taking care of him.

“I could never love anyone the way I loved you but when you get older you need companionship and she’s not a man so its different. She has her own money so I know she wasn’t after the fame or anything. She deals with my craziness and I love her for it.”

“So Donghae has spawned apparently?”

Heechul laughed and Hangeng smiled.

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Title: Invidious
Author: Seneferia
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13 violence
Summary: Heechul is very jealous and decides to go berserk.

If that boy touches him one more time I’m going to scream. This is ridiculous why is he sitting with him anyway he should be next to me, not Ryewook who keeps rambling on about some sort of food that I really could care less about.

Now the two of them are laughing what the hell is that about. Since when did they get all buddy buddy. Stupid SJM putting them together they go off for months together and I’m stuck here without him. Oh my does Ryeowook ever shut up, seriously who cares about food when those two are all touchy.


Heechul screams. Before he can get up though Ryeowook grabs him.

“Hyung are you ok? What’s the matter?”

“I’m gonna kill that bible thumping ass for touching my man that’s whats the matter.” Heechul gets up and punches Siwon square in the face. Kangin grabs him before he can land another punch and Han Geng grabs Siwon to see if he is ok. Siwon’s nose is bleeding and is shocked that the princess actually hit him.

“What was that for?” Siwon asks holding his nose.

“You know damn well what that is for. Since when are the two of you all over each other? I’m sick of it, he’s mine not yours and you touch him again I’m going to do worse.”

In a flash Hangeng is by Heechul there is a loud crack everyone mouth is agape. Heechul is slinked over Kangin arm holding his face. Hangeng has the look of madness his eyes turning blacker by the second.

“I am not anyone’s I am my own FUCKING PERSON KIM HEECHUL AND DON’T YOU GO AROUND PUNCHING PEOPLE IF YOU CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING HIT YOURSELF.” Hangeng turns around and grabs Siwon and leaves the room.

“Hyung are you ok?” Kangin turns Heechul to face him a prominent red handprint can be seen along his perfect porcelain skin. Heechul begins to burst into tears.

“No I’m ….. (sob) Not okay (Sob) He hit me he actually hit me. I just (sob) couldn’t take it (sob) his hands were all over (sobbing more) him.”

“Hyung they are just friends they spend a lot of time together. Its no reason to act like this I thought you loved Siwon like a brother, why would you punch him like that. You know he didn’t mean anything by touching Hangeng like that we all know he’s straight and narrow” Kangin rubbed Heechul’s back trying to get the older man to calm down. He could hear him speaking something but with the sobs it was like he was speaking another language.

Siwon walks in five minutes later seeing Kangin bent over Heechul who is still sobbing and babbling. He kneels beside them and Kangin grabs Heechul protectively expecting Siwon to return the punch finally.

“Hyung I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so jealous. I don’t want Hangeng like that we are just friends. I won’t ever touch him again Hyung I promise please stop crying and go talk to him.” Heechul grabs onto Siwon sobbing still but repeating that he was sorry he didn’t actually mean to have an outburst like that. “Hyung its ok I understand please just go talk to Hangeng I don’t want you two fighting. Come on I’ll take you to him.”

Siwon helps Heechul up and they walk out the door together. They walk down the corridor to the bathrooms only one stall is closed to which Hangeng must be hiding inside.


“Geng, please he’s really sorry if I’m not mad at him you shouldn’t be mad at him. Your not the one with the bloody nose after all.”

Hangeng comes out of the stall looking rather pissed still. He looks at Heechul who is slumped against Siwon still sobbing. Siwon encourages Heechul to look up and Hangeng can see the imprint of his hand across Heechul’s face he didn’t think he had hit him so hard. He just wanted to make a point apparently he made it all to well. His heart broke that he was able to do something like that to the man he loved even if the said man was being a complete jealous idiot. He grabs Heechul from Siwon and holds him tightly. He can barely understand what Heechul is saying but he is sure it’s an apology or maybe he was just reading too much into his sobs.

“I’m sorry for hitting you but seriously you’re too much of a jealous bitch. You’re the only one who can touch my heart and you should know this by now. You don’t need to get all defensive if one of the members touch me.”

“But the fans…. They love…. Sihan”

“What have I told you about reading fan sites and fan fiction seriously you read too much into them. Stick to the Heekyung and Hanchul sites cause that’s all its ever going to be.”

Only My Number One
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Title: Only My Number One
Author: Seneferia
Rating: I'm gonna play it safe and say NC-17
Pairing: Heechul/Hankyung
Summary: Hankyung doesn't like it when other people claim what is rightfully his
This is CRACK by the way for [info]wickedlove13

There she was minding her own business sitting at her computer writing yet another delicious Hanchul fic when there was a ring at her door. She wondered who it could possibly be at this hour. She opened the door and was very surprised to see a tall Chinese man standing in her doorway with the look of homicide in his eyes.

“Are you by any chance WickedLove13?” the guy seemed to growl out.

“Uhm yea but how would you know that?”

“Did you happen to write that Heechul is your number one as a comment on someone’s journal?”

“Yea.. But I don’t understand how do you know this and how did you know where I live?” She was starting to get confused and was trying to figure out where she had seen that face before he looked oddly familiar.

“Well he’s my number one and no one else’s so you see we have a problem here?”

“OH MY FREAKING HELL! Your…. Your” She was jumping up and down at this point hysterical with figuring out that Hankyung was standing in her doorway.

“Yes I am and that doesn’t change the fact that you put Heechul as your number one. “ Hankyung proceed to grab the girl and push her against the wall. “He belongs to me you see and I don’t like other people coveting the things that are mine.”

She was getting a little scared by the aggressiveness of her idol yet the other side was just freaked out that he was standing right in front of her and damn was he strong.

“Hannie seriously did we have to come all the way to the states for you to harass some fan girl this is not how we keep fans.”

She was officially going to have a heart attack Kim Heechul had just stepped through her doorway looking around her room with slight interest. She squeaked which in turn sent the Chinese man glaring at her again.

“She also writes some smutty stuff about us on live journal too.”

“Oooh really?” Heechul looked around quickly finally resting on the computer he walked over towards it smirking as he read the few lines that were opened up in Word. Heechul looked over to her dejected “This one isn’t finished where are your others?”

She tried to talk she really did but from the excitement and the obvious muscled body practically crushing her against her wall she couldn’t utter anything close to a syllable.

“Hannie at least loosen the death grip so she can answer me. I need something to entertain me while you intimidate one of our poor fans.” Hankyung had loosened his grip on the girl but only a little he wasn’t finished with her quite yet.

“It’s in a folder called Hanchul on my desktop you’ll find it all there.” When she was done speaking Hankyung had continued his death grip looking at her menacingly.

“I suggest you have Donghae as your number one this one is already taken. Although you might have another unpleasant visit from another member.”

“OOOOOOH HANNIE LETS DO THIS???? I LIKE THIS IDEA!!!! Hey Wicked Love girl you got any cake?”

Hankyung has no other choice to release her and walk over to the computer to read exactly what Heechul is talking about.

“Uhm Yea I do” She suddenly smirks at the Heechul “I will only give it to you on one condition.”

“What exactly would the condition be?” Heechul asks.

“I get to watch”

A/N: This is due to a conversation between myself and WickedLove13 about who our top five would be from Super Junior. She put Heechul first and I said I couldn't do that because to me he only belongs to Hankyung. She disagreed and a whole convo ensued about Hankyung coming after her and Heechul in turn coming and her liking it a little too much.

How Polite
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How Polite
Author: Seneferia
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG I think
Summary : Breaking up, and leaving. Leaving a person in pieces.
This is my first time ever writing please excuse me if its complete stupidity.
I had a dream in which I was talking to Heechul about breakups and this is where
I got the idea.

“I’m leaving, I can’t do this anymore I’m so sick and I can’t perform anymore. If they won’t let me rest then I’m just going to have to break from the group completely. I need to get better.”

All 12 members sat in silence all with varied expressions of sadness or complete absentness. No one knew what to say, let alone how to react. If anyone was going to make this speech they all thought it would be Kibum, not Hangeng. Siwon after a few brief moments of reflection got up and embraced Hangeng. That’s when everyone started crying well everyone except Heechul. He knew he would see his love after this after all they’ve been dating for years. They have dealt with the long term stuff, there are always plane tickets, holidays, and of course their web cams.

After a few hours of good byes and pleading from some of the younger members for Hangeng not to leave them like this, Hangeng went to his room to get the rest of his stuff. Heechul was waiting on his bed.

“Everyone acts like they won’t see you ever again, like this is it no more contact. Of course you’re going to visit and of course you would never completely leave Super Junior.” Heechul said matter of factly.

“Hee I’m not coming back, and I also need to tell you something. I don’t know how to do this.”

“Out with it you know I hate sentimental good byes we are going to see each other.”

“That’s just it Hee, we aren’t. I have to end this, all of this. I can’t be with you anymore my heart isn’t in it. I have to be alone for a while. I’m going back to China and I’m not going to web cam and we aren’t going to be together. Someday you will find someone who is worthy of your love, someone who will love you as much as you love them. That person isn’t me anymore. I hope we can still be friends but I just can’t be with you anymore.”

Hangeng never looked up, he just couldn’t. He couldn’t face the man he had loved for so many years. The man he had stayed for, dealt with all the pain and loneliness for. He grabbed the last of his bags and walked out the door, never looking back.

Heechul didn’t move, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t dare breathe. He thought he was just dreaming or that it was just a sick joke that if he just stayed in that spot Hangeng would come back and everything would be all right. Heechul had stayed like that for hours. He didn’t see the passing of time, or the members who would walk in the room trying to get him to talk, eat, hell even blink.

When he had finally snapped he left several messages on Hangeng phone. Angry messages, Sobbing Messages, even silent ones. He just kept calling his number just to hear his voice. It turned into days of him calling over and over again. One day he got a text message after he had left a message that he wasn’t going to give up. It was one line

I just can’t

Heechul scoffed ‘Can’t what?’ so much for supposedly being friends after this. He wrote that in a response but never heard anything back. He stopped calling so frequently. He called only once a night the same time no matter what his schedule he called at the same time. There was never a response…

After a month had passed he had given up. He was so thin now, he was so lifeless, and he wasn’t the same Heechul that everyone knew. The members didn’t know what could be done after all the only solution was Hangeng and that wasn’t a possibility. Then the text messages started coming in. There were never about what had happened, they were always nice polite texts asking how his day was going. As if they were only acquaintances in life and were never lovers, still Heechul took these as hope. His heart would skip a beat every time his text tone would go off. There were days when he wouldn’t receive anything, those were the days he’d take a shirt or a stuffed animal Hangeng had given him and pour his favorite cologne on it and cry him self to sleep.

After two months he could go possibly a day without thinking about Hangeng. Then there were days that are all he could think about. He had hidden Hangeng’s old shirts. He hadn’t taken the stuffed animals off his bed though and every time his eye caught sight of them he would think about the times he was given them or the times he was completely happy. He had started listening to music in languages he didn’t understand. If he didn’t know the words then he couldn’t connect it to his feelings. It was easier to pretend that the song had nothing to do with what he was going through. The text messages were still coming, there was still that hope that Hangeng would change his mind. He waited patiently for that day to come.

Five months have now passed. He was now a different person everyone commented on it, interviewers were always asking him why he had changed so much. He wouldn’t answer he would scoff at them and just say he had to grow up sometime. The interviewers knew it wasn’t growing up there was no light in his eyes. It was like he was dead inside. Heechul had become silent on TV programs only answering direct questions never chiming in. He gave no affection to the members, he didn’t smile, and he would stare blankly at the cameras until it was his turn to answer a question. Super Junior was working on a new album they were carrying on without Hangeng. His voice had changed; he couldn’t even recognize it himself. It was raspy, it sounded like lyrical pain when he sang, and even if it was the happiest words. One night after a long session of getting a song done the members came home to the dorms to a blinking message. Leeteuk pressed play and it was a voice they hadn’t heard in so long. Everyone eyes turned to Heechul. The tears came down so fast that voice he had not heard in months broke through his ears and stung all the way to his heart.

“I hear you guys are working on a new album. I wanted to wish you all well. I’m sure that it will be a big hit. I look forward to seeing you on all the music programs soon. I hope you are all well.” The message clicked.

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